January 2017 Scentsy Specials

January 2017 is a great beginning of the year for Scentsy! Scentsy has several great specials this month!

THE WARMER OF THE MONTH, Stargaze, is on backorder but still available through the end of the month from independent consultants for $45. The warmer has a light effect similar to a shooting star or fireworks. No two warmers are identically alike!

THE SCENT OF THE MONTH, Black Currant Bubbly, is available in scent bars, room sprays, and scent circles. The scent is a combination of black currants and champagne.

JOIN IN JANUARY for only $49. Normally, the starter kit for someone joining Scentsy as a consultant is $99, but this month only, a special starter kit is available at half the price of a normal kit. This kit still contains everything a consultant would need to have a great start to their own Scentsy business.

BRING BACK MY BAR brings back 25 scents that have been retired for one month only. These are scents that customers voted for back in the fall of 2016, and they will only be available for one month before returning to the vault.

DOUBLE HOST REWARDS make hosting a house party, basket party, office party, or FaceBook party even more rewarding this month. For people hosting a party meeting the minimum requirements in January, they will earn double the half priced items.

To find out more about these specials, visit https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today.


Happy New Year 2017

We have said good-bye to 2016! Hopefully, you have had a good year. We had a fairly good year, despite the drought, tornadoes, and fires in our part of the country!

So, it is now 2017! What will the new year bring? While I am sure that there will be some challenges in the new year, let us not lose hope of all that is positive and wonderful in life! Happy New Year to you and your family, and I hope that you have the best year you have ever had!

October 2016 Scentsy Specials

Happy Halloween! Here are the Scentsy specials for the month of October 2016!

WARMER OF THE MONTH: The warmer of the month for October 2016 is Harvest Pumpkins. This warmer is an element warmer that looks like a stack of three pumpkins. The bottom pumpkin has the element warmer in it, the middle pumpkin holds the wax, and the top pumpkin is the lid which has holes in it for the scent to go through.


SCENT OF THE MONTH: Keeping with the pumpkin theme, the Scentsy Scent of the Month is Farmstand Pumpkin. This scent features fresh pumpkin with hints of apple, caramel, and cinnamon. The scent is available in scent bars, scent circles, and room spray.

HOLIDAY COLLECTION: Our holiday collection is now available and has awesome items perfect for your Christmas holiday season. From decorative warmers to ornaments, there are multiple ways to make your Christmas season smell good!


Want more information about these or other Scentsy items? Visit my Scentsy website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this blog is a Scentsy Independent Consultant.


September 2016 Scentsy Specials

September is the first month of the Scentsy Fall / Winter catalog. The new catalog features many neat items, from the premiere of the new Scentsy Sidekicks (like a Scentsy Buddy but made for babies) to the return of the popular Road Less Traveled warmer.


The September 2016 Warmer of the Month is Hocus Pocus, which is perfect for Halloween decorating. Be sure to use the Scent of the Month, Casting Spells, in the warmer for maximum impact. (Casting Spells has a scent that is almost like a candy apple.)


The Harvest Collection is also available. One of the highlights of this collection is the return of a popular seasonal warmer from last year, Lumina. There are also plenty of Halloween and Fall warmers and scents in the brochure to choose from, also.


The newest Scentsy Buddies are here! Buck and Meadow are deer dressed in Mossy Oak camo.


Anyone want to join Scentsy for half price? The regular product kit is $99, but for September only, there is an essential kit available for only $49.


Want more information about any of these specials? Visit my website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

April 2016 Scentsy Specials

April 2016 is here! We have four great Scentsy specials for this month, and here they are!

SCENT AND WARMER OF THE MONTH– The warmer of the month, REIMAGINE, features a floral scene that you color with markers (not included). The scent of the month is COUNTRY PLUM.


BRING BACK MY BAR– Through April 15th, you can vote for your favorite Scentsy scents that we no longer carry in the catalog. The scents with the most votes will be available for one month only, July 2016.

SHU SHU THE PANDA– We have released the latest Scentsy Buddy, Shu Shu the Panda. He is available for a limited time only.


MOTHERS DAY BUNDLES– We have two warmer bundles and one skin care bundle available for Mothers Day while supplies last!

If you want more information about any of these specials, please visit my Scentsy website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us.