Happy Veterans Day 2016

Thanks to all our veterans, both living and dead, who have fought for America so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have! Our country is stronger thanks to our amazing military and veterans everywhere! God bless America!


October 2016 Scentsy Specials

Happy Halloween! Here are the Scentsy specials for the month of October 2016!

WARMER OF THE MONTH: The warmer of the month for October 2016 is Harvest Pumpkins. This warmer is an element warmer that looks like a stack of three pumpkins. The bottom pumpkin has the element warmer in it, the middle pumpkin holds the wax, and the top pumpkin is the lid which has holes in it for the scent to go through.


SCENT OF THE MONTH: Keeping with the pumpkin theme, the Scentsy Scent of the Month is Farmstand Pumpkin. This scent features fresh pumpkin with hints of apple, caramel, and cinnamon. The scent is available in scent bars, scent circles, and room spray.

HOLIDAY COLLECTION: Our holiday collection is now available and has awesome items perfect for your Christmas holiday season. From decorative warmers to ornaments, there are multiple ways to make your Christmas season smell good!


Want more information about these or other Scentsy items? Visit my Scentsy website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this blog is a Scentsy Independent Consultant.


September 2016 Scentsy Specials

September is the first month of the Scentsy Fall / Winter catalog. The new catalog features many neat items, from the premiere of the new Scentsy Sidekicks (like a Scentsy Buddy but made for babies) to the return of the popular Road Less Traveled warmer.


The September 2016 Warmer of the Month is Hocus Pocus, which is perfect for Halloween decorating. Be sure to use the Scent of the Month, Casting Spells, in the warmer for maximum impact. (Casting Spells has a scent that is almost like a candy apple.)


The Harvest Collection is also available. One of the highlights of this collection is the return of a popular seasonal warmer from last year, Lumina. There are also plenty of Halloween and Fall warmers and scents in the brochure to choose from, also.


The newest Scentsy Buddies are here! Buck and Meadow are deer dressed in Mossy Oak camo.


Anyone want to join Scentsy for half price? The regular product kit is $99, but for September only, there is an essential kit available for only $49.


Want more information about any of these specials? Visit my website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

April 2016 Scentsy Specials

April 2016 is here! We have four great Scentsy specials for this month, and here they are!

SCENT AND WARMER OF THE MONTH– The warmer of the month, REIMAGINE, features a floral scene that you color with markers (not included). The scent of the month is COUNTRY PLUM.


BRING BACK MY BAR– Through April 15th, you can vote for your favorite Scentsy scents that we no longer carry in the catalog. The scents with the most votes will be available for one month only, July 2016.

SHU SHU THE PANDA– We have released the latest Scentsy Buddy, Shu Shu the Panda. He is available for a limited time only.


MOTHERS DAY BUNDLES– We have two warmer bundles and one skin care bundle available for Mothers Day while supplies last!

If you want more information about any of these specials, please visit my Scentsy website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us.

Valentines Day 2016

This week we celebrated Valentines Day, the day when you are supposed to show how much you love that special someone in your life. However, if we love someone, aren’t we supposed to love them 365 days a year (366 days a year for leap years)? I know that I love my spouse, and I try to let her know that every day, by word, action, and regular gifts. She is my partner for life, and I want to let her know that she is special to me. If you love someone, you will do that all year long, not just on a special day designated for love. Now, that being said, I do celebrate Valentines Day, but I don’t wait for it to come around just to show how special my wife is. In fact, we did a new tradition this year–for the days leading up to Valentines Day, I left her a small bag with a couple of pieces of candy and a love note each day. Let me know how you celebrated Valentines Day by commenting below.

Scentsy Specials for February, 2016

It is transition month for Scentsy. This is the last month for the Fall/Winter 2015 catalog, and also the month for a super sized starter kit. Here is a look at the Scentsy specials for February.

FALL/WINTER 2015 CATALOG TRANSITION: Since this is the last month for the Fall/Winter 2015 catalog, most of the items in the catalog are 10% off all month. For a list of items that are on sale, visit the Scentsy website using the link at the end of this article.

GOING, GOING, GONE: There is also a list of items on the website that are being discontinued at the end of the month. If a person wants one of those items, they need to purchase it this month.

WARMER OF THE MONTH/SCENT OF THE MONTH: The warmer of the month for February is WELLIES, a warmer shaped like a purple rain boot. The scent of the month is PEAR BLOSSOMS AND CUCUMBER. These are both 10% all month long or while supplies last.

SUPERSIZED STARTER KIT: For anyone signing up to be a Scentsy consultant in February, they will receive a supersized starter kit. The kit contains both Fall/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 testers and catalogs. The kit is still $99, which is the price for the  normal kit.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: visit https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

Scentsy Specials for January 2016


Here are a few things that are happening for Scentsy customers this month.

BE MINE is the Warmer of the Month. It features an element warmer with a shape and design that reminds people of the conversation heart candy we eat every year at Valentine’s Day.

CHERISHED is the Scent of the Month. It is a romantic scent perfect for pairing with BE MINE or LOVEY THE BEAR.

LOVEY THE BEAR is the newest Scentsy Buddy. Lovey is a limited edition animal, and once Lovey is gone, another buddy will take her place.

BRING BACK MY BAR scents are fan voted favorites, returning for the month of January only.

DOUBLE HOST REWARDS are also available for any person hosting a party this month.

Want to know more about any of these specials? Go to https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us to get more information or place an order.