October 2016 Scentsy Specials

Happy Halloween! Here are the Scentsy specials for the month of October 2016!

WARMER OF THE MONTH: The warmer of the month for October 2016 is Harvest Pumpkins. This warmer is an element warmer that looks like a stack of three pumpkins. The bottom pumpkin has the element warmer in it, the middle pumpkin holds the wax, and the top pumpkin is the lid which has holes in it for the scent to go through.


SCENT OF THE MONTH: Keeping with the pumpkin theme, the Scentsy Scent of the Month is Farmstand Pumpkin. This scent features fresh pumpkin with hints of apple, caramel, and cinnamon. The scent is available in scent bars, scent circles, and room spray.

HOLIDAY COLLECTION: Our holiday collection is now available and has awesome items perfect for your Christmas holiday season. From decorative warmers to ornaments, there are multiple ways to make your Christmas season smell good!


Want more information about these or other Scentsy items? Visit my Scentsy website at https://huntsvillewriter.scentsy.us today!

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this blog is a Scentsy Independent Consultant.



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