September 2016 Scentsy Specials

September is the first month of the Scentsy Fall / Winter catalog. The new catalog features many neat items, from the premiere of the new Scentsy Sidekicks (like a Scentsy Buddy but made for babies) to the return of the popular Road Less Traveled warmer.


The September 2016 Warmer of the Month is Hocus Pocus, which is perfect for Halloween decorating. Be sure to use the Scent of the Month, Casting Spells, in the warmer for maximum impact. (Casting Spells has a scent that is almost like a candy apple.)


The Harvest Collection is also available. One of the highlights of this collection is the return of a popular seasonal warmer from last year, Lumina. There are also plenty of Halloween and Fall warmers and scents in the brochure to choose from, also.


The newest Scentsy Buddies are here! Buck and Meadow are deer dressed in Mossy Oak camo.


Anyone want to join Scentsy for half price? The regular product kit is $99, but for September only, there is an essential kit available for only $49.


Want more information about any of these specials? Visit my website at today!


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