I Almost Lost My Wife To Blood Clots

My wife Charlotte had been having her right leg swell all week prior to May 1st. She was unable to get pain relief from pain medicine, heating pads, or muscle rubs. That Friday, she woke up limping from the swelling and pain. She went to a local urgent care facility, and was encouraged to go for a Doppler study at the imaging center. She was told at the imaging center that she had a blood clot, and needed to go to the E.R. immediately.

Her pulse rate would not stabilize, so the E.R. doctors at Huntsville Hospital ordered a C.T. scan. The results showed that some of the blood clot had broken off and had traveled to the area around her lungs. She was admitted to the hospital, where they soon found out that the blood clot in her leg was massive and she had made it to the doctor’s office just in time to survive the clot.

She had a clot in her leg one time before in 2000. And, her father died from a blood clot following knee replacement surgery. So, we were truly thankful to God and to the doctors at Huntsville Hospital for helping her to survive a dangerous situation.

I would like to encourage all people reading this to go see your doctor immediately if you think you are having a blood clot or other serious medical issue. It may mean the difference between life and death.

My next blog entry will be on the symptoms of blood clots. I will also be planning entries in the weeks to come on treatment options for blood clots, how to prevent blood clots, and resources for people who have had blood clots.


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