Unreal Candy

<img src=”https://img.bzzagent.com/image/unrealCandy.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=6106959830&Campaign=1567983861&Uid=1313159&token=ddc8cdd2b70d17ac8447bae495c54475&#8243; alt=””/>

I have been trying some products for BZZAGENT, which provides products at free or reduced cost in exchange for honest opinions from the people testing them. One of the products I recently tried was Unreal candy. I was a little skeptical about how the candy would taste, being that there is nothing artificial in the candy. However, I was surprised at how good the flavor is in the candy–there is nothing to hide the true chocolate flavor of the real chocolate, for example.

However, I am even more pleased about the fact that their candy-coated chocolate candies use no artificial dyes or colors in the shells, for a good reason. My son, John Robert, has ADHD, and artifical dyes are a problem for him as they will cause him to be hyper for a while, until his energy completely runs out. These candies make a better choice not only due to the reduced sugar and carbohydrates, but especially due to the absence of dyes. Now my son has a candy that he can enjoy without medical issues. Thanks, BZZAGENT and UNREAL, for making my son happy.

(Please note that I am not making any medical claims here and what works for me is not guaranteed to work for you. I am just relating my experiences.)


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