Everyone keeps talking about the budget deficit and how it is growing by the second. Some people predict the downfall of the U.S. economy as a result of the deficit. Others suggest drastic measures, such as cutting ALL government programs to the point where they are not useful to anyone. However, my solution to the budget crisis in much simpler–prove the necessity of at-will spending by legislators on pet projects. For example, I list 8 items below (some of these are based on actual spending done by legislators), and I will tell in a future post later this week which of the 8 I consider unnecessary. You are also free to comment on which you feel to be unnecessary, as well.

(1) A four lane bridge connecting two communities currently served by a two lane road and a ferry–the total population served by the bridge would be less than 1,000 people.

(2) Upgrading an Interstate spur to modern freeway standards that serves the downtown area of a major U.S. city.

(3) A study on the mating habits of pygmy monkeys.

(4) A study on how wildlife is affected by oil spills in the Mississippi Delta.

(5) A study on the effectiveness of herbal tea.

(6) A study on a new drug that can cure H1N1 flu.

(7) A grant to rebuild a house that has no historical or monetary value.

(8) A grant to make improvements to the birthplace of one of the “Founding Fathers”.




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