The Night Before Christmas in Ryland






Was the night before Christmas

In the Ryland community.

The children were happy

That Santa soon would be


Arriving to find

Them all asleep.

That through the house

He would creep.


When out of the east

There came a loud noise

Of Santa arriving to

Ryland’s girls and boys.


Santa’s sled landed

At 4Ever Green

Where the Ryland community

Could be seen.


Central’s Fire Department

Arrived right on time

To assist Santa with his deliveries

To kids so fine.


From house to house

The truck did go

With a bag full of toys

And Santa, all aglow.


Santa left a new smoker

For Joe’s Barbecue Shack

And for the food warehouse

A new smokestack.


He visited all the homes

And left gifts for all

And even left a new phone box

To help everyone with calls.


He saluted the American flag,

And paused to reflect on the

Men and women serving our country

To keep us all free.


As he went by Shiloh Church

And saw the cross,

He remembered the Baby Jesus

Who came to save the lost.


Santa got back on his sleigh

And started on his way

Reflecting on the history

Of the grand Ryland community,


And I heard him shout

As he went on his way,

“Merry Christmas, Ryland,

And remember why we celebrate this day!”






Written by John Michael Hampton



November 22, 2010



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