Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton has been the star of the Auburn team all year long. However, recent controversy has surrounded the quarterback. Allegations allege that Cameron’s dad asked Mississippi State officials for money in exchange for his son to play at their school. Cam eventually signed with Auburn, and the rest is history.

So, what do I think? Well, if I was the coach, I would ask Cam to lie low while this is being investigated, and may even ask him not to play until the investigation is complete.

Should it be determined that Cam is innocent, I will be the first to congratulate him and encourage him to stay on the right path. However, if he has done something wrong, he needs to face the music and accept his punishment.

As a Bama fan, I have known what it has felt like to be under the microscope when the team or members of it have been accused of doing something that is not allowed under rules and regulations. I do not wish that on anyone. Let’s get this thing behind us, whether the outcome is positive or negative, and move on.


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