Duggar #20?

Well, the People magazine headline stated that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar would be glad to welcome more children into their family that already includes 19 children and one grandchild. Most people would say, why? Why would a family this size be interested in adding even more children? What about their latest child who was born prematurely admidst a medical emergency for both mother and child?

Well, let those naysayers say what they wish. I have spoken to Jim Bob and Michelle many times, and I can tell you that they are good Christian people who take the Bible literally. Therefore, when God says that children are a blessing from the Lord, then who are we to refuse His blessings for our lives. I for one believe that the Duggar family is absolutely living their faith in a very visible way, and instead of asking why or criticizing them, we should look at our walk with the Lord and ask ourselves if we are willing to let God be in control of our lives and have faith that God knows what He is doing. The Duggar family will be the first to tell you that they are just ordinary people who serve an awesome God, and that God is blessing them in many ways.

So, I say that the Duggar family is living their faith, and I will be proud to hear the announcement of baby #20 if and when God blesses them again. We should all see this as an opportunity to praise God and renew our faith in God for all our needs.


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