Natalie Holloway Case

Five years ago, Alabama teen Natalie Holloway disappeared while on a trip to Aruba. No one ever found her body. Now, all these years later, Joran Van Der Sloot, who has been the prime suspect in her disappearance, has admitted he has information about the disappearance. This came to light while he was arrested in Peru on murder charges related to the death of a woman in his hotel room after she supposedly found information about the Holloway case on Joran’s computer. Now, this does not mean that we definitely have the closure that the family so needs after all these years, but we could be close to getting that closure as more and more information comes out. I certainly hope for the sake of the Holloway family that they find out what happened to their daughter and if someone killed Natalie, we can certainly hope for justice to be served to the person or persons that did it.


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