Oil in the Ocean

Recently, a new law was passed giving the permission for companies to drill in the oceans for oil. However, some environmentally sensitive areas will remain protected. I have several thoughts about this.

(1) We as Americans need to move toward cleaner energy sources. However, as that will take some time, we will need to continue using oil  in  the meantime. And, it makes more sense to use oil from domestic sources than it does to use oil from elsewhere, as it brings more jobs to America and prevents money from being used to promote terrorist activity in the Middle East.

(2) The environment needs to be protected. As such, it makes good sense to exempt the most environmentally sensitive areas from drilling. This will preserve those areas for future generations.

Oil in our oceans should be harvested. However, we do need to start investing in research for other, more clean and reliable, sources of energy. This is the only way to win the energy crisis we find ourselves in.


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