Employees shooting other employees at universities. Children carrying guns to school and shooting other students. A shooting at a Wal-Mart store leaves people killed and injured. A robber shoots several people at a bank in Texas. Everywhere you turn, there are more and more senseless victims of violence.

What is happening in the world? Actually, violence against other people is nothing new. Cain killed Abel in the very first book of the Bible. Here in America, the Untouchables ruled Chicago and other major cities in the 1920s. And, the bloodiest period in American history was not in the 20th century, but actually during the Civil War.

As citizens, we can either hide in fear, or we can live our everyday lives, faced with the realization that these incidents are not the sum total of what is happening in our world. People still help their neighbors in a time of need. For every incident of violence, there are a 100 incidents of good will toward others. The world is not more violent now–the violence, thanks to our media intense world, is just covered more in the media these days. We, as Americans, can do our part to prevent violence by treating others with fairness and with dignity. Let us live a good life, and love one another, just as Christ loved us.


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