FREE CLASS OF THE MONTH: University Syllabus Sites

There are university classes out there for just about any subject or topic. And, many of these classes are taught by professors who now have posted their class syllabus online, most of the time on a site that the general public can access. For someone who wants to learn more about a topic but does not have the time (or the money) to actually go to class, they can get some information about the topic from these syllabus postings. Also, if a student is about to have a class at that school taught by that professor, they can preview the syllabus in order to see what they can expect in their class. This is a win, win situation for all involved.

So how can one find these syllabus postings? When doing a search for a topic in Google, restrict your searches to sites with the .edu classification. This will show postings by professors about their classes and sometimes even their research on topics.

Syllabus postings online are a valuable educational tool. That is why I have selected them as the FREE CLASS OF THE MONTH for December 2009.


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