Tiger Woods

When the news broke that Tiger Woods had been in a wreck, the first thoughts most people had was hope for a speedy recovery. Then, when Tiger delayed talking to authorities about the wreck, the discussion changed to speculation of what he might be hiding. Then, when we found out that the wreck happened during a domestic dispute with his wife, we hoped that him and his wife could repair their relationship from anything that could be causing problems. Now, as the latest news reveals that Woods had extramarital affairs, the conversation turns to one of why he would want to cheat on his wife and what did he gain…or loose…because of this situation? While it may be a while before we know all the answers, we should think about several things. First, celebrities are like everyone else–we all make mistakes and we all fall short of what God would want us to be. Second, Woods and his wife need to work together to see what they can repair of the relationship, and how they continue to be parents to their child. Third, as a person in the public eye, he should always strive for integrity in public, despite what may or may not be happening in his private life.

Above all, let us remember that none of us are perfect. That is why we have a God in heaven, always willing to forgive and to give us a second chance. God cares for us all, and wants to share His love with everyone. Woods can come out of this a stronger person than before, but he will need to repair his relationship with his family and with God. Then, he can continue to be a powerful force in the golf world.


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