Halloween: What Should We Do?

So much has been said for and against Halloween. People in favor of the holiday state that it is a harmless night of fun for kids. Those opposed to the holiday say that it is a holiday instituted to honor Satan.

As with so many other things, there is no concrete answer. God created all things, the Bible says, for good and without His hand in it, it was not created. Therefore, it is all in how we use the resources that God has given us.

My belief is that with Halloween, we can indeed strike a middle of the road opinion. We do not need to honor the evil part of the holiday, such as witches. However, a child going door to door in a Thomas and Friends or farmer costume getting M & M’s and Butterfinger Candy Bars is totally harmless (except for the sugar high they would get if they ate all that candy at one time).

We have let Satan take over our holidays–and our lives–long enough. We need to say enough is enough, and give all these holidays back to God and our families.


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