TV Program of the Month: AAN Real Estate Auctions

America’s Auction Network is more than just another home shopping channel. On Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights at approximately 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central), there is a real estate auction live on the AAN television channel hosted by world-famous auctioneer Jeremiah Hartman. Jeremiah shows footage of each piece of property and each home, with the footage recorded by people on the AAN staff. On a recent night, Arkansas home sites in the Ozarks were going for anywhere from $1,500 up to $5,000. Foreclosed homes, some in very good condition, in multiple states were going from $4,000 to $20,000. Hartman has mentioned his faith several times on air, which is another reason why I like watching his real estate auctions on TV. Registering can be done on the phone or via the web, and can take just a few minutes. For those who are away from their TV or that do not have cable, the program is also broadcast live on the website for the TV network. Jeremiah’s real estate auctions are the TV Program of the Month for October 2009 in my blog.

For more information:

AAN TV Website:

AAN TV Real Estate Page:


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