Football Season 2009

Well, another football season has arrived here in the South. Players will run pigskin from goal line to goal line in search of points for their team. Will your team win?

HIGH SCHOOL– My wife is a graduate of Madison County High School. Therefore, I am anticipating the Tigers to have a good season this year. Despite several key players graduating last year, they still have a squad that will score points and get the job done.

COLLEGE– ROLL TIDE! Alabama is off to a very strong start! Coach Nick Saban has a strong squad in his Crimson Tide players, and they are not letting anything get in their way of a win!

NFL– Sadly, I do not have a favorite NFL team. I always say, if someone asks me who will win an NFL game, I will truly say the team with the most points at the end of four fifteen minute quarters.

So, there you have my football forecast for this year in a few words. Enjoy, and have fun, no matter which team you cheer for!


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