Book of the Month: “Multiple Blessings”

Despite the recent scandals and allegations surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin, they are still the parents of eight innocent, wonderful children. Those children still admire their parents dearly. And, their story is still a tiny miracle. That story was told by Kate Gosselin in the book, “Multiple Blessings”. This book tells things about the Gosselins that people don’t know, or just have forgotten amid the recent controversies. One such example is how the Gosselins, based on religious convictions, refused a selective reduction of babies in the womb because they believed it would have been morally wrong. And, also, relive the first few weeks of the babies lives, when they were in the hospital. These and other moments are discussed in this book. It shows the human side of the Gosselins in a way that TV programs or tabloids never can, giving the story in Kate’s own words. That is why I have chosen “Multiple Blessings” as the Book of the Month for September 2009.


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