Obama Speaks to School Children

President Obama spoke to school children today. The speech was made optional in some school districts, and some parents kept their children out of school to prevent them from seeing the speech.

The speech itself was one encouraging kids to stay in school. It also was one stating that they could be anything that they wanted to be.

Presidents speaking to school students is not a new thing. One only has to remember that George W. Bush was reading to school students when he was first notified of the September 11 attacks. Also, George H.W. Bush spoke to students on several occasions. Also, there is a long tradition of presidents and former presidents making speeches at college graduations.

Now, I believe that a school house is not the place to unleash a political agenda. However, as long as the speeches were like the one today, where politics is not even mentioned, then I am all for our school children having a positive influence. After all, it is certainly better than all the stuff they normally hear in school. I would much rather have them hear the president talk about having a positive future than to have them hear about evolution or about sex education. This was a teachable moment, one that our school children should all have been able to participate in.


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