Eleven Year Old Kidnapped in 1991 Found

The story in the news this week would make any parent’s blood boil: an eleven year old girl, kidnapped in 1991 by a sex offender, had been held against her will in a series of tents in the offender’s back yard all these years. What is worse is that the sex offender fathered two children by her: a boy who is now 15 years old, and a girl who is now 11 years old. Neither of the three had been to school or even seen a doctor in all these years. This was one of the worst situations I had ever heard about on the news.

We as Americans and as parents need to ask our senators and representatives to pass legislation aimed at protecting our children from sex offenders and other predators who steal the innocence of childhood. We should ask for legislation that provides a national sex offender registry and database, as well as penalties for offenders using online communities and chat rooms for their evil deeds. We should ask for more enforcement and better penalties for the offenders who do get caught. Our children deserve a world where these offenders are punished, so that our nation’s children can once again be in a safe environment.


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