Tragedy on the Hudson

A few months ago, we were watching in awe as over 100 people survived a plane crash landing in the Hudson River in New York City. Many praised the heroic efforts of the pilot and rescue officials who worked quickly to avoid a tragedy.

Unfortunately, last week, there was no miracle on the Hudson when another plane crashed into its murky waters. A small plane planning to land in New Jersey crashed into a tourist helicopter that was taking passengers sight seeing in New York City. All the people in both the plane and the helicopter were killed in the crash.

There are reports in the news that the air traffic controllers on duty at the time the accident happened are on leave until the investigation is complete. News reports indicate that one controller was out of the tower and that the other controller was on a phone call at the time the incident happened. We will not know for quite some time, however, if those reports are factual, and if they were, what impact did that have on the incident.

One thing is for sure…these incidents have happened since public transportation began, and will continue to happen. The best we can do is ensure that we give the best attention we can to public transportation, ensuring that the resources are there to help people safely travel from point A to point B. We also need to ensure there are resources there to assist in the rescue operations should an incident like this one happen in the future.


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