Donnie Dean, BBQ Man

For those who live in Huntsville, Alabama, no doubt they are familiar with Dean Plumbing. After all, Dean Plumbing has been around for years, and has become fairly well known in the area. However, the name of Dean is now also associated with another characteristic–good food.

For those who live in the Madison County community of Ryland, Donnie Dean has another equally well-known characteristic. He can make really good BBQ ribs and BBQ chicken. His BBQ is sold every weekend at the Texaco station on Ryland Pike just west of Central Elementary School (in other words, between Moontown Road and Dug Hill Road on Ryland Pike). Our family buys ribs, chicken, and pulled pork from him almost every weekend, and have really enjoyed the dry rub he places on the ribs and chicken as well as his homemade white sauce.

For Donnie, the BBQ man, everything has almost been perfect. Unfortunately, he had a temporary setback a couple weeks ago when several of his smokers disappeared. However, the very next weekend, he was back at work making delicious BBQ.

If you happen to be in the Ryland area on the weekend, stop by and say hi to Donnie at the Texaco on Ryland Pike, and taste his BBQ. You won’t be disappointed that you stopped in to see Ryland’s BBQ man.


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