In Memory: Walter Cronkite

He was, without a doubt, one of the greatest TV news anchors of all time. Walter Cronkite, who recently passed away, defined evening news in an era of turmoil. When he came to CBS News in the early 1960’s, America was at a crossroads. In that decade, he was THE calm, reasurring voice helping a nation heal from the assassination of President John Kennedy, the murder of Martin Luther King, the race riots of Watts, the fight for civil rights, and the hell on earth of the Vietnam War. He was also the anchor who brought news to the world that America was the first country in history to put a man on the moon, and also the anchor who told us “that’s the way it is” every day at the end of his news broadcast. Many have followed in his footsteps, but no one has ever been the anchor that he was. From newsreels in his early days as a World War II reporter, to his height as a CBS News anchor, to his semi-retirement of late where he occasionally did a guest appearance on a news broadcast or documentary, he was the voice and face of TV news in America. That’s the way it was, Mr. Cronkite, we will miss you. May God bless the family and friends of Mr. Cronkite as they go through this period of grief.


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