San Francisco Rail Disaster

For the third time in a month, there has been a commuter rail disaster. This time, a commuter train ran into another commuter train in San Francisco, California. There were injuries and damage reported as a result.

Even with all these reports of rail disasters, rail travel–as is air and water travel–is still relatively safe. There are hundreds and even sometimes thousands of vehicle accidents each and every day in America, yet most of those never make the evening news, and people still drive from point A to point B every day. (By the way, if you own “point A” or “point B”, please rename it so that the rest of us know what it is.) The point I am trying to make is this–we all have to live our lives each day as if it is our last, and try to be as safe as we possibly can be wherever we are and whatever we do. That way, we can be prepared for whatever life sends our way.


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