Florida Mourns Couple Killed in Home

Recently, a Florida couple who had adopted over a dozen children with special needs was found murdered in their Florida home. At the time this blog entry was being written, the news media had already reported that at least six suspects had been arrested, with robbery as the motive. As Florida mourns the loss of the parents, and law enforcement continue to make progress at bringing those who done this horrible crime to justice, we as Americans have to wonder why people do these things!

Why do people want to kill, hurt, and destory others, and take away things people have worked hard all their lives to acquire? Are we as a culture that full of sin and destruction that we have no value for one another anymore? Have we forgotten what made this nation great–a belief in God and a love for all those around us?

If our nation does not get back to basics–loving God, caring for those around us, and doing the right thing by working for our daily bread–I can only imagine what this country will look like in 100 years. God bless America–we certainly could use His blessing right now.


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