FREE Class of the Month: About U…Potty Training has had a series of email based classes for a long time now called About U. These classes are free, and the only prerequisite is that you have an email address. Since my wife and I are in the process of potty training our little boy, I have enrolled in a class titled 7 Days of Potty Training. This class gives you all kinds of information about the subject…from types of potty chairs to how to know if your child is ready to train to rewards for successfully potty training. This class is a good resource for potty training parents, and that is why I am featuring it as my FREE Class of the Month for July 2009.

Link to get more information about the free class:

DISCLAIMER: This site is a site that the author actually uses in their daily life. The author has received no special consideration from the site creator for their site being featured here. There are also other free sources of potty training information on the web. Only a parent or guardian can decide which potty training method works for their child.


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