Video Of the Month: Chicago’s MARTA

Railway Productions has produced a program that features all the action and excitement of the MARTA train system in Chicago. From tower 2 to all the branch lines, every part of the railway is featured in a  very educational, entertaining way. This video shows the sights and sounds of the MARTA system which carries over 200,000 passengers a day.

“Chicago’s MARTA” is a great addition to any train lover’s video library, and that is why I am featuring it as my video of the month for July 2009.

DISCLAIMER: “Chicago’s MARTA” has been a part of my video collection for a long time. I purchased it along with 23 other train videos as part of a 24 DVD set for under $30. I am not being given any special consideration from any party associated with the DVD in return for my featuring it in my blog.


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