Facebook is a social networking site where people who are friends gather to share photos, thoughts, and even causes to believe in. Plus, many famous people are on Facebook, too. From political figures Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee to entertainment and religious figures, Facebook is a home for people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds to talk about what is on their mind and share the joys, trials, and other events of this ride we call the daily life. It is like the general store porch, only online–as people from the online community meet and talk just like people in actual communities used to do on the general store front porch.

I and my wife are on facebook. Point your browser to www.facebook.com/huntsvillewriter and check out our Facebook page. While there, if you want to create a page for yourself, it is free!

(DISCLAIMER: I have been using Facebook for several years, and am a regular Facebook user. I have not received any special treatment from Facebook in order to present this mention of my Facebook site.)


One thought on “Facebook

  1. I’m a doc. My book, ‘The Mandolin Case,’ is due out in 2010. In it, I plan to take the reader deep inside the medical world to a place the power people would prefer we didn’t go.

    As far as I know it will be the only physician bluegrass fiction novel out there.

    Between FaceBook and WordPress I have found many kindred spirits.


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