Holocaust Museum Tragedy

A little over a week ago, a man walked into the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. The man had a history of being against minorities. He had a gun with him, which he used to shoot at a security guard before being shot himself. The security guard later died from his injuries.

Scenes like these are constant reminders that there are people in the world who still believe that unless a person is of a certain race or a certain background, they are inferior. We should all remember that each person on earth is a gift from God, and “all people are created equal.” We should respect everyone around us, and thank God for all the great people in our lives.

Our sympathies are with the family of the guard who passed away. May God bless them during this difficult time. May we all pray that there is a day coming when people are no longer injured or killed because of their race or background, and that the guard is honored for his bravery even when facing death.


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