5 Years Ago: My Grandfather’s Passing

June 3, 2004, we went to visit my grandfather at the hospital early (around 9 am) so that we could go to Athens to pay his bills (he always got paid on the 3rd of the month), especially since my mother was acting as Power of Attorney on my grandfather’s behalf. When we got to the hospital, we were informed that my grandfather’s condition had improved to the point where he could go down to the second floor for dialysis, and then be placed back in a regular room on the third floor. We stated that we would be back later, and left Charlotte’s cell phone number as a means that we could be contacted.

We drove from Huntsville to Athens on Nick Davis Road. We were just reaching Athens, and were driving alongside Lake Ida, when Charlotte’s phone rang. I had her phone, so I looked at the screen, noticing the number as one from the hospital. I answered the phone, and the nurse from the hospital told me that my grandfather had passed away, peacefully, during his dialysis treatment. My mom, who was driving, pulled the car into the parking lot at the corner of Nick Davis Road and Lindsay Lane, because she was crying too hard to drive any further. Charlotte, who had been sitting in the back seat, drove back to Huntsville Hospital where we began the process of making funeral arrangements for my grandfather. All weekend long,Charlotte stayed close by me and helped me cope with the loss of my grandfather.

The funeral service was held graveside on Sunday, June 6, 2004. Even though I lost my grandfather, who had helped raise me as a child, when they placed him in the ground that warm summer day at Charity Cemetary in Hazel Green, I knew that I had a fiancee that loved me and cared for me. Charlotte was the perfect woman to be my wife, and I knew more than ever that I wanted to make her mine.


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