5 Years Ago: Sometimes Moms Don’t Know What They Are Doing

May 12, 2004, was a Saturday. I came home from work, to find my mother and grandfather sitting in the carport at the house. My mother asked me to sit down–her and grandfather had something to discuss with me. My grandfather spoke first, stating that he had been talking with my mom about some changes that affected us all. My mom said that after reviewing a lot of factors, her and my grandfather had decided to move to Mississippi, where my stepfather was living. They would have an ambulance move my grandmother to a nursing home facility close to where they would be living, and I would be able to work at the Wal-Mart there.

I didn’t say much, except to state that I needed to go to my room and rest. I had a lot to think about, and I did not want to be interrupted, so I shut the door. First, I knew that my grandmother and grandfather were not in best of health, and did not know whether they would be able to survive the trip. Second, I loved Charlotte very much, and was not about to give up on the chance of her becoming my wife. Third, I had already gave up my entire life twice–once when my grandmother and grandfather had moved from Nashville to Athens, and then again when my mother, stepfather, and grandfather moved from Athens to Huntsville, and I was not about to start all over again in another new city.

I emailed Charlotte letting her know what my mother was trying to do, and fell to sleep that night, crying.

When I got to work the next day, I found out that Charlotte had been in tears all day. I quickly found her and told her that I was not planning to move, and would find a way to stay here, no matter how much my folks wanted me to move.

Well, my mother decided not to move at that time. And, while she moved back to Mississippi later, it was a long time after Charlotte and I got married, and she carried no one with her when she moved.

I will say, just like Shakespeare did so long ago, that “All is well that ends well.” My mom seems to be happy in Mississippi with my stepfather, my grandmother and grandfather are happy in a land far away where there is no more pain (more about that some other time), and my wife and I are very happy together in Huntsville.


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