5 Years Ago: Our First Date

Tuesday, May 19, 2004, my wife gave me a call. I was at home, as both of us had the day off from Wal-Mart. Charlotte wanted to know if I wanted to go out to lunch, as she had just the day before got the word that her divorce from her first husband was finalized and she wanted to take me out for my birthday. I accepted, and she picked me up in her Oldsmobile for our first date.

We went to eat at Tellini’s Italian Restaurant in the Wal-Mart parking lot on University Drive. Sitting in the restaurant, I enjoyed the food, but not near as much as the beautiful girl I was sitting there with.

We then went browsing at Target and Madison Square Mall. We did not purchase anything that day, but that did not matter. I felt I already had chosen the perfect girl, what else did I need?

We also drove in the countryside, around Hazel Green and Gurley. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, but I was enjoying being with my beautiful girl more.

When we got back home to my house, there was a little emergency. My mother was cleaning the oven, and it caught on fire by accident. We quickly put out the fire.

However, that date lit the fire of love in my heart. I was anxiously waiting my next date with Charlotte, and I knew even more that she was the one for me.


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