Economic Bailout?

We hear talk in the news about economic bailouts being made for different sectors of our economy. While it may be necessary in a time when the economy has went sour to help jump start the economy, I firmly believe we should not expect all of this to come from the government. We as Americans need to support our economy so that it can grow. Here are a couple of things we can do to help the economy grow.

(1) BUY AMERICAN! It goes without saying that if we buy products here, not only do we guarantee jobs for Americans, we also stimulate the economy through the purchase of goods produced here. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

(2) QUIT WHINING AND DO SOMETHING! Hey, we are all in this together, and so we all need to carry our share of the load by helping each other through direct and indirect assistance, by going to work each day, and by standing united as Americans. We cannot just sit in a chair whining about the problem and expect it to go away!

We can help bailout this sagging economy. However, we are only going to do it if we stand together.


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